About Us

Inspired and informed by interconnectedness, The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Global supports programs in arts and culture and Buddhism, and funds initiatives that enhance the wellbeing of humanity and the environment.

The Foundation is a private philanthropy with historical roots in Hong Kong and a global vision. Our work is guided by the values of our founder and made possible through the ongoing engagement of the Ho family.

Robert H. N. Ho, C.M., O.B.C.

Born in Hong Kong, Mr. Robert H. N. Ho is the grandson of Sir Robert Ho Tung and Lady Clara Ho Tung, and the son of General Ho Shai Lai and Hesta Ho Hung Ki Fun. He was educated at Lingnan and Pui Ching Middle Schools and obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from Colgate University, and his Master of Science in Journalism from the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University in the United States…

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Board of Directors

Robert Yau Chung Ho, Chairman
Kevin Yau Kwong Ho, Deputy Chairman
Rolf W. Banz
James E. Hughes
Allan R. White
Pauline R. Yu
Michelle A. Shu Lai Yue



As a global entity, the Foundation maintains a virtual office supported by GHS Philanthropy Management:
31 West 34th Street, 7th Floor #7010
New York, NY 10001

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