Vulnerable Children

Kids in Need of Defense

Grant period

2019 - 2024


Europe, Mexico

Beginning with initial grant support in 2019 and followed by renewal support in 2023, Foundation grants to Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) contribute to pro bono legal assistance and representation for unaccompanied migrant and refugee children in Mexico and Europe. The Foundation also supports KIND’S advocacy of policies and practices that ensure children who migrate alone are protected and their rights to due process and fundamental fairness are upheld.

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Kids in Need of Defense

Emergency response for critical legal, psychosocial, and advocacy support to unaccompanied Ukrainian children fleeing war.

2022 - 2023

Turkey, Middle East

International Network For Aid Relief and Assistance

Providing Medical Care for Refugee Children in Turkey and the Middle East

2021 - 2023

Turkey, Lebanon

International Network for Aid, Relief and Assistance

Caring for Refugee Children in Turkey and Lebanon

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