Contemplation, Insight, and Impact (C2i) Program Learning Review

Virginie Baggen, Mhairi Dunlop, and Gina Sanchez

In 2022, The Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation Global engaged an external team of consultants to conduct a learning review of the first three years of grantmaking in its Contemplation, Insight, and Impact (C2i) program (mid-2019 to mid-2022). The goals of the learning and evaluation process were to test the assumptions embedded in the C2i theory of change and strategy; gain a better understanding of the emerging field of wellbeing for non-profit organizational development and effectiveness; understand how C2i grants have been implemented to date; gain insight on various factors contributing to successes and challenges of implementing mindfulness and wellbeing practices in nonprofit settings; to inform the foundation’s C2i grantmaking going forward; and to share what we are learning with partners, peers, and others who are interested in the connection between wellbeing and social change.

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