Grant period

2024 - 2025


UK, Global

Climate Cares Centre, at Imperial College London, is comprised of a team of researchers, designers, policy experts and educators working to understand and support mental health in the current climate and ecological crises. Its mission is to equip individuals, communities and systems with the knowledge and resources to protect mental health from climate impacts, while enabling climate action that strengthens the conditions for good mental health. Foundation support enables Climate Cares to advance interventions that address the connections between climate change and youth mental health in education settings through five strands of activity:  1) Convening experts and organizations; 2) Mapping existing resources and interventions in climate change education; 3) Research and evaluation; 4.) Development of Co-designed proposals with educators and young people (including those with lived experience); and, 5.) Awareness raising and advocacy.

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2021 - 2025


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