Plastic Pollution

Plastic Solutions Fund

Grant period

2020 - 2025



The Plastic Solutions Fund (PSF) is a pooled philanthropic fund that supports a collective strategy and is made up of approximately 21 donors focused on addressing the problem of plastic pollution around the world. The PSF’s work includes changing narratives, building movements, transforming companies, advocating zero waste cities, and fighting petrochemicals. The Foundation is the PSF’s first Asia-affiliated member.

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2022 - 2025


Action Speaks Louder

Supporting a communications campaign to raise awareness of the plastics/fashion industry connection.

2022 - 2023


Meridian Institute

To bring stakeholders together to drive action on plastic reuse and refill initiatives and policy

2023 - 2024



Supporting strategic communications to advance global reuse standards to significantly reduce the use of single-use plastic

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