Grant period

2020 - 2021



The Resilience Initiative (RI) was established in 2017 to build the operational and personal resilience of organizations as they adapt to shifting policy, programmatic demands, and increasing challenges to their operations and the wellbeing of their staff. The Foundation grant provides mindfulness training for organization leaders as part of RI’s COVID Response offerings. It also supports targeted “mini-grant” funding to organizations for piloting, testing, and learning together about mindfulness practices and other approaches to creating and maintaining an internal culture that a) centers equity, wellbeing and resilience of staff; and b) cultivates the skills that organizations need to weather the many operational hurdles that they face. A supplementary grant made in late 2020 has expanded the number of organizations able to participate in the mini-grants; deepened the peer learning component; and supports coordination and leadership for learning and sharing among practitioners and funders of mindfulness practices for the social sector. The Foundation is supporting the Resilience Initiative in partnership with the Packard Foundation and Haas Jr. Fund.

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