Grant period

2021 - 2023



Meridian Institute, a global nonprofit leader in mediation and conflict-resolution across issue areas, is working to place mindfulness at the center of its culture as an organization. The Institute is seeking to make mindfulness integral to its internal practices, and eventually, part of its externally facing work with project stakeholders. Beginning with an initial grant in 2021 and followed by renewal support in 2022, Foundation support focuses on increasing mindful practices of leaders, staff, and project partners to better reach solutions to difficult and often controversial multi-stakeholder social and environmental issues.

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2022 - 2024


The Mindfulness Initiative

Developing evidence-based climate resilience programs at scale



The Conscious Food Systems Alliance (CoFSA)

Supporting Community of Practice and Learning and applying conscious interventions through an incubator and global trainings

2022 - 2024


The Wellbeing Project

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