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Healthy Minds Innovations

Grant period

2021 - 2023



Healthy Minds Innovations (HMI) at the University of Wisconsin–Madison is adapting its standardized, science-based, scalable Healthy Minds Program to cultivate and measure wellbeing in nonprofit organizations. The work is organized into three broad objective areas:  1) a survey of the nonprofit landscape from an impact perspective to determine the most promising sectors to engage in organizational mindfulness training, including business model research and design to determine a feasibility strategy for nonprofits to invest in the wellbeing of their employees; 2) a version of HMI’s Healthy Minds app specifically for nonprofit organizations; and 3) research on the results of the nonprofit landscape analysis with a group of nonprofit staff. This will examine the different impacts of a digital intervention with minimal time commitment and a more intensive, live intervention on wellbeing and important organizational outcomes, such as burnout, resilience, and eco-anxiety.

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