Chinese Art

University of Iowa

Grant period

2009 - 2025



The Foundation annually supports the participation of a promising young Chinese writer from Hong Kong in the renowned International Writing Program (IWP), run by the University of Iowa. Foundation Fellows comprise Dung Kai-cheung (2009), Hon Lai-chu (2010), Dorothy Tse (2011), Chan Chi-tak (2012), Lee Chi-leung (2013), Tang Siu-wa (2014), Matthew Cheng (2015), Ng Suk-yin (2016), Lau Wai-shing (2017), Chow Hon-fai (2018), Chan Ping-chiu (2019), Chan Lai-kuen (2019) and Chong Mui-ngam (2021), Tammy Ho (2023) and Wong Yi (2023).

Founded at the University of Iowa in 1967, IWP is a residency program that assembles established writers from around the world for a semester of shared reading, writing, and conversation in Iowa City—named by UNESCO in 2008 as the City of Literature.

2015 IWP Fall Residency group photo

2016 IWP fellow, Virginia Ng, reading at Prairie Lights Bookstore

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