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esea contemporary, the UK’s only non-profit art center specializing in presenting and platforming artists and art practices that identify with and are informed by East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) cultural backgrounds, has a mission to increase the visibility of contemporary art practices from the Chinese communities and their diasporas. The Foundation supports a series of podcasts and a panel discussion with artists responding to an object, image, text or recording that references early histories of Chinese immigration to the UK, drawn from their exploration of UK archives, collections and other public records.

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2022 - 2023


The Chinese Culture Center San Francisco

Support for a research and community-building project centered on facilitating relationships between multidisciplinary artists and history bearers (descendants, land stewards, family archivists and institutions). The research project will focus on 3 different themes: personal archives, family associations, the history of railroad construction and mining.

2023 - 2024


New Earth Theatre

Initiating research into and creative exploration of the history of forced deportation of  Chinese seamen in Liverpool

2023 - 2025


The Houston Asian American Archive

Creating artistic renditions of Chinese diasporic experiences

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