4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

Grant period

2023 - 2024



4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art is an established and internationally respected center for Asian contemporary visual art that specializes in presenting work by artists from the Asian diaspora. Support from the Foundation enables in-depth artistic research into the multifaceted historic experience of Chinese people in Australia form the 1850s Gold Rush era. The aim of the project is to explore the aspirations of Chinese migrants’ from that period and the impact of the discriminatory White Australia Policy on their lives.

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2022 - 2023


Wing Luke Museum

Support for a community-based process to plan and design a public art masterplan to interpret the significant stories of the historic sites of the Eng Family Homestead (one of the last remaining and most intact single-family homes in the Chinatown-International District in Seattle) and adjacent Canton Alley.


2022 - 2023


The Chinese Culture Center San Francisco

Support for a research and community-building project centered on facilitating relationships between multidisciplinary artists and history bearers (descendants, land stewards, family archivists and institutions). The research project will focus on 3 different themes: personal archives, family associations, the history of railroad construction and mining.

2023 - 2024


New Earth Theatre

Initiating research into and creative exploration of the history of forced deportation of  Chinese seamen in Liverpool

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