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Buddhist Digital Resource Centre (BDRC)

Grant period

2017 - 2021



The goal of this library network is to connect significant collections of Sanskrit and Chinese Buddhist texts and build a suite of collaborative research tools to foster new levels of scholarly exchange. The network will also contribute to the development of the Buddhist Digital Resource Center (BDRC)’s long-term Buddhist Universal Digital Archive (BUDA), a multi-language effort that serves three interconnected programs: preservation, access, and collaborative networking. Digitized materials and metadata records for the Sanskrit and Chinese Buddhist Library program will be stored with the Harvard University Digital Repository Service and available for academic and public access.

A painted palm-leaf manuscript depicting the story of Nalagiri and Buddha, in which the Buddha subdues Nalagiri, a ferocious elephant.

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2022 - 2024


One Mind Productions

Completing two short-films as part of an ongoing series, The Dreaming Buddhas Project, and supporting marketing and distribution of the feature-length documentary, The Mountain Path

2012 - 2026


Harvard University

Buddhist Ministry Initiative at Harvard Divinity School

2017 - 2022


SOAS University of London

The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Lecture Series in Chinese Buddhism

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