Chinese Art

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Grant period

2010 - 2011



The Foundation supported this groundbreaking exhibition in which 10 leading artists from China and the Chinese diaspora created new works in response to classical artworks from the permanent collection of Chinese art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. By presenting contemporary artworks alongside their forebears, Fresh Ink expanded the traditional definition of ink painting by highlighting the diversity of the art form today, with the new works varying in style, method, and scale. The exhibition also echoed the Foundation’s objective to revitalize traditional Chinese arts and encourage appreciation of new developments by a broader audience.

Spring Romance (detail)
Yu Hong (Chinese, born in 1966)
Chinese, 2009
Acrylic on silk
Collection of the Artist
Courtesy, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Court ladies preparing newly woven silk​ (detail)
Attributed to: Emperor Huizong (Chinese, 1082 1135, ruled 1100 1125)​
Inscribed by: Emperor Zhangzong of the Jin dynasty (r. 1190–1208)​
Colophon by: Zhang Shen (14th century)​
Label written by: Gao Shiqi (Chinese, 1645–1704)​
Colophon by: Gao Shiqi (Chinese, 1645–1704)​
Label written by: Luo Wenbin (Chinese)​
Colophon by: Luo Wenbin (Chinese)​
Chinese, Northern Song dynasty, early 12th century​
Ink, color, and gold on silk​
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Special Chinese and Japanese Fund​
Photograph © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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