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Grant period

2017 - 2022



A Foundation planning grant supported the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria in researching and organizing an exhibition that contextualized historical works of Buddhist art alongside contemporary works to examine the impact of Buddhism on art in North America from the post-war period to the present.

Lam Wong 王藝林 (China/Canada, 1968–) MA No. 1 – The Space between Objects (Wu/Mu), 2019–ongoing Installation and socially engaged art practice: mirror, charcoal, seal chop, Chinese calligraphy of Heart Sutra, tea, tea seed, obsidian, teacup, wood, river rock, bamboo ladle, meditation cushion, tea accessories, ceramic tea ware, chawan 270.5 × 180.34 cm; duration, variable. Courtesy of the artist / Photo: Mei Wong

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