Contemplation, Insight, and Impact (C2i)

The Mindfulness Initiative

Grant period

2022 - 2024



The Mindfulness Initiative (TMI) is a London-based research and policy institute, which has examined the potential roles of mindfulness and compassion in promoting climate resilience. The Foundation’s grant supports TMI’s efforts to better address the needs of young people grappling with eco-anxiety and climate-related stress by mapping this field, conducting a global needs assessment, and developing appropriate strategies to connect and support nonprofit organizations within the field.

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The Conscious Food Systems Alliance (CoFSA)

Supporting Community of Practice and Learning and applying conscious interventions through an incubator and global trainings

2022 - 2024


The Wellbeing Project

2021 - 2025


Claremont McKenna College

Cultivating Responsible and Resilient Leaders

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